Installing carpet flooring over tile: Yes, or no?

Installing carpet flooring over tile: Yes, or no?

Sometimes, instead of installing new floors over a subfloor material, you can install them over an existing floor covering. But can you install carpeting over tile flooring?

In short, the answer is that you can install carpet over tile easily. But there are some things you should know before diving into the remodel.

Some stipulations for carpet over tile

When you install carpet over tile, grout lines should be no more than 3mm wide for the best results. You should also know that once we place carpet permanently on top of the tile, the tile will be damaged and unusable as future flooring.

Our flooring company knows that to use the tile surface again, make sure carpeting is laid like a large, wall-to-wall rug instead of permanently attaching the materials. Then, you can lift the carpet off to reveal the tile again.

Don't skip underlayment or professional installation

An underlayment is extremely helpful, including making the carpet more comfortable underfoot. But it can also add shock absorption and noise suppression, especially in busy homes.

A high-quality underlay can also protect the tile, should you ever want to return to tile instead of carpet. When choosing new floors, ask a flooring professional about which materials and options are best for your underlayment needs.

Visit us to turn your tile experience into a carpet experience

Carpet World has been flooring homes for years, and we know a thing or two about perfecting these surfaces. When you need to install carpeting over the tile, we can give you all the information about the process and then make it happen.

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